The road is always shared

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The road is always shared

The love for the stories

I have a few fixed points in my life, I could count them on one hand. One of these is the love for stories. Since I was a child I was fascinated by fantastic and adventurous readings, romantic and exciting. I love reading and writing is a passion and a need, but most of all meeting people, knowing their story, is the most interesting part. The story that a living being can share with you can’t be contained in any books or be found in a film. Listening needs attention, dedication, participation, empathy, identification with the teller, just as when we read a book or we go to the cinema.


Since I was a child, thanks to my sensitivity, I’ve developed active listening skills, empathy, compassion and genuine advisory capacity. When life makes you experience incomprehension, indifference, refusal from a young age, it allows you to develop the ability to understand if your neighbour is feeling these emotions. At the same time, empathy makes you feel the dreams of the others and the desire to fulfil them, in the same way, you live it every day.

Monk’s life

The stream of life, with its motions stormy at times, or calm in other moments, brought me to live, 7 fertile years, as a monk in a religious community. It was the best “training” of my life, from 23 to 30 experienced spiritual guides looked after me, I met unnumbered people who needed to be heard, understood and motivated. Thanks to tools like meditation, yoga, ascesis, fasting and spiritual guidance I learnt how to deeply know myself and then to understand the complicated human nature. They were years in which I began my relationship with complementary and alternative medicine, which I deepened years later. My passion for writing bloomed under the shape of spiritual stories about inner search.


Once I left my monastic life, going back to a “normal life” hasn’t been that easy. Start again from zero, moneyless, without attractive working experience, with just a degree in Philosophy and Theology that is not so requested. I worked as an educator with children in summer camps, I was a teacher in the primary and secondary school, then I worked as a massage therapist in a spa because in the meanwhile I studied Oriental disciplines like Shiatsu, Thai massage, Tuina and some Western massage techniques. My love for Asia brought me to make several trips to it, alternating pleasure moments to formation courses, like the Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh.

Experience abroad

Because I wasn’t happy about my salary in Italy, I left it to go to Ireland in order to improve my English. I worked as a holistic therapist and yoga teacher, carrying on with my never-ending formation. I also studied life coaching, giving a name and a certificate to a “profession” I have been practising for several years, as a monk and as a holistic therapist. I also formed people in massage giving massage courses. Despite my job was going well in Ireland, I couldn’t stand the bad weather, always cold, dumb and cloudy for me, I decided to leave the Emerald Island to go to Greece where I kept working as a holistic therapist in all of its aspects. Finally, I started a trip to the East in search of experiences mainly related to spirituality, holism and the relationship with people without the filter of business.

Ars Maieutica

My approach is inspired by Socrates: active listening, powerful questions, maieutics. Suspending totally judgment, I enter and exit constantly in the other’s shoes, to see things from inside and outside. I never impose my point of view neither I say what the other should or shouldn’t do, but I try to let the answers come out directly from the soul of the other. Because of my background, my niches are spirituality, personal growth, conflict resolution, relationships (love, family, workplace, friends), self-esteem, self-confidence and change.

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